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LLamasoft Supply Chain Optimisation Software for Supply Chain Design and Planning

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply chain management isn’t as simple as getting the right products to your customers at the right time. Is your supply chain designed for excellence? Are you able to accurately forecast demand to meet service requirements and delight your customers? How will you use all available data to visualise the future of your supply chain?

The best-run global supply chains focus on all three to create a supply chain that’s a competitive differentiator.

Supply Chain Design, Planning and Visibility Give You …

How We Tackle Supply Chain Problems

Supply Chain Design

“What Supply Chain Should We Have?”

LLamasoft supply chain design software enables fast, data-backed answers to tough supply chain questions. Model your end-to-end supply chain to visualize inefficiencies, optimize for significant improvements in cost, service and risk and test hundreds of potential scenarios for continuous supply chain improvement and innovation.

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Supply Chain Planning

”What Do We Do with Our Existing Supply Chain?”

Maximize service levels, increase customer loyalty and project margins by aligning demand and supply processes and building, managing and executing a dynamic, agile and responsive demand and replenishment plan.

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Supply Chain Visibility

“What Information Is Available About Our Supply Chain?”

You need data to run supply chain design, planning and execution systems, but that data is messy, and it’s in myriad enterprise and external applications. LLamasoft ESP consolidates all enterprise supply chain data into one central access point and brings the supply chain to life in reports, dashboards and rapid analytics.

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“LLamasoft is making changes in how shippers see and talk about supply chain optimisation.”

–Vishwa Ram, Director Logistics Engineering,
Penske Logistics

“Retailers are at different stages of omni-channel adoption, but at every stage from initial strategy development to execution, there is opportunity to leverage modeling and simulation as a way to compare, socialise and test designs for the most confidence in your decisions.”

– Peter Hunnewell, Director, Supply Chain Strategy, Michael Kors Director, Supply Chain Strategy, Michael Kors

“Data Guru has enabled us to decrease our model build time. We can now connect directly to our data sources and extract data more efficiently, integrating our data extraction and modeling building processes.”

– John Bozynski, Network Modeling
Manager at Ford Motor Company

“Not only does Transportation Guru integrate network optimisation and vehicle route optimisation, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

– David Raymond,
Vice President of Operations Transformation

“I always appreciate LLamasoft’s diligent and timely work to help resolve issues. The customer support is the best of the three industry leading supply chain design tools that I have used.”

— Jonathan Smith, Logistics Engineer,
Network Solutions Expeditors

“We selected LLamasoft as our supply chain design partner based on the knowledge and experience of the LLamasoft team and the technical superiority of the solution. The simplified data handling and scenario management, stability of the software and the modern user interface significantly reduce the time it takes to get answers compared to our previous design solution.”

– Oliver Hird, Senior Manager of
Supply Optimisation, Lafarge Tarmac

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