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LLamasoft wird strategischer Partner von TPG Capital

By Don Hicks    19/06/2017

München – 19. Juni, 2017 – TPG Capital ist der neue strategische Partner von LLamasoft, einem der innovativsten globalen Anbieter von Supply-Chain-Design-Technologien. Weltweit nutzen über 700 Kunden aus unterschiedlichen Industrien die Produkte von LLamasoft. Das Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Ann Arbor, Michigan hat europäische Niederlassungen in Deutschland, Frankreich und England. Es unterstützt große Unternehmen dabei, globale Supply-Chain-Netzwerke effizient zu planen, zu gestalten und zu optimieren. Kunden erzielen signifikante Serviceverbesserungen und Read More >>

A Letter from Don Hicks: LLamasoft Announces Partnership with TPG Capital

By Don Hicks    09/05/2017

As many of you are aware, there are big things on the horizon for LLamasoft in 2017 and we can’t wait to share more info and celebrate with several hundred of our customers and stakeholders next month at our SummerCon conference in Detroit. Very soon we’ll be launching the next generation of our flagship supply chain design offering, Supply Chain Guru, a product years in the making that will help Read More >>

Are greenhouse gas emissions going to become more important in supply chain design?

By Phil Gibbs    02/02/2017

In the mid-2000s climate change moved up the list of business priorities and supply chain professionals began to take note. Then came the global financial crisis and most people’s attention moved towards the bottom line and corporate survival.  A number of recent developments indicate that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is moving back up the business agenda, and the impact on supply chains could be significant. On September 3 China and Read More >>

Brexit: After the Vote – What’s Next for Supply Chains and Their Optimisation

By Phil Gibbs    01/02/2017

To the surprise of many people in business around the world, on June 23 the citizens of the UK voted to leave the European Union.  In my blog in May I predicted that if this happened we would see an increase in volatility, and we are seeing just that.  Politicians in the UK have gone into meltdown and there are battles being fought for control in the main political parties.  European politicians Read More >>

Brexit: Do You Know the Impact on Your Supply Chain and Optimisation?

By Phil Gibbs    01/02/2017

On June 23, 2016 the citizens of the UK will vote whether to stay in or leave the European Union.  Politicians are discussing the merits of pooled sovereignty, democratic deficits and the impact on the role of the UK and EU on world geo-politics. Economists are speculating on the impact on growth and employment for the economies of the countries in the EU, or indeed of the whole world.  One Read More >>

Supply Chain Design 101

By Jeff Metersky    30/01/2017

We at LLamasoft eat, sleep and breathe supply chain design every day and the largest and most successful companies leverage this technology to lead the pack. While more and more organisations adopt design every day, there are still a wealth of companies just learning about the huge gains they can net with design. How is design differentiated from planning and execution, how can I leverage the technology, and how can Read More >>